It’s always just “one more day”

One more day left of infusions, then I get to stop feeling awful, right? Sure. But then “one more day” turns into “two months later” and it happens all over again. This is the worst summer I have had in four years, and I just want it to be over. 

Can’t wait to be in Seattle next week. Too much stress in my house.

Infusion day two. I forgot how bad these were for more than one day in a row, especially on high doses. By the end of the treatment I was having such a hard time being nice to people and I’m so tired and so achy and my right leg still has no strength in it so I can hardly walk. Plus I’m not sleeping, and I know tonight will be worse.

But at least the setup is comfortable. I get to lean back in the chair with a pillow and blanket and stare out the window and listen to music, and I was the only one in the whole back room today. That was kind of nice.

(also that bird in the background of the second picture looks like a flying dick…)