Call me a bitch…let’s talk about Jaime Lannister

Slight spoilers (like I dunno if they’re even gonna put this in the show or if they just forgot about it ugh)

but man I was pretty bummed with this season of Game of Thrones. Book three was my absolute favorite, so I was SUPER amped for season four knowing that it took most of my favorite events into play. But god they just took it and fucking butchered it.

Like…let’s just throw the whole rape controversy out the window for a second. Like I’m not even going to fucking touch that, because the blatant misogyny the show runners have put forth into this thing could put me on a tangent for hours. Instead lets sort of take that stick and beat the dead horse known as Jaime Lannister

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Mark Gatiss in Game of Thrones

I was so excited to hear when he’d been cast in Game of Thrones season four. Since his role wasn’t revealed, everyone was speculating to what it might be- from Euron “Damphair” Greyjoy to The Kindly Man, but they finally announced he’s playing Tycho Nestoris, the Braavosi Banker. I don’t remember much about the character- I remember him and his role, but I don’t remember his personality. I do remember that he didn’t show up until the fifth book though, which is strange because they’re currently only halfway through the third. But his role is extremely crucial. 

Personally, I was hoping to see him as the High Sparrow. I thought that would have been a great role for him.

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For the night is dark and full of spiders



Season 3 Episode 9: The Rains of Castamere

I just burst into tears because of a pair of fictional pet wolves. Dammit.


Full Circle of the Day: George RR Martin Reacts to Red Wedding Reactions

On last night’s ConanA Song of Ice and Fire author George R. R. Martin sat down to watch a compilation video of people’s reactions to last weekend’s infamous “Red Wedding” scene from HBO’s grisly drama series Game of Thrones. Apparently, Martin was familiar with the backstory of the video and explained that they were recorded by readers who had been aware of the pivotal event and wanted to film their unknowing friend’s reactions. Martin also gave a nod to the running joke on the Internet about his “no characters left behind” policy by warning Conan that if he were a writer for the show, he would have him killed by his live band in a conspiracy hatched by co-host Andy Richter.


How about them Yankees

As an avid book fan, I’m seeing a lot of flack from the fans since last night’s episode, which I personally find hilarious, but let’s not forget one crucial piece- George Martin is a fantastic writer, and this has happened before. Remember how many people threatened to stop watching the series when Ned died? Imagine if you had! Imagine what you would have missed out on. 

So yes, you’ve had your heart ripped out and shoved through a meat grinder, but guess what? You’ve got some fantastic things in store for you! More pain…lots of pain…pain is guaranteed in this series, so get used to that, but also know that for every character that leaves, another amazing one takes their place. And don’t even get me started on the lore! Bran’s going beyond the Wall now. Danaerys just conquered a city. And we’re about to meet some really, really cool characters- including the Martells and the rest of the Greyjoy family.

All I’m saying is yeah, be upset, but don’t let that stop you from loving this series, because just like life- people come and go, and there are some exciting things in store.


A plane on route to the San Francisco International Airport tonight had to make an emergency landing when passengers watching pirated versions of the HBO series Game of Thrones began hyperventilating, screaming hysterically, and violently damaging their tray tables. The situation turned more volatile when an airline stewardess unintentionally spoiled the ending of the episode for the captain, after which he stormed out of the cockpit shouting obscenities, forcing his co-pilot to land the plane on his own.

“I’ve never seen something like this before,” said one passenger on the flight. She was sitting next to one of the victims. “One minute, the guy next to me is just watching a show on his laptop, then all of the sudden, he starts shouting ‘No way! No F**king way!’” According to the witness, the man then slammed his laptop shut and violently kicked the chair in front of him. “He just wouldn’t stop screaming. He wouldn’t stop shouting cuss words.”

Another witness reported a similar incident at the front of the plane. “This chick next to me just started freaking out” says Martin Lodge, 39. “She was sobbing and kept saying ‘why, why, why’. At first, I thought maybe her boyfriend had just broken up with her by email or something, but then I heard this guy at the back of the plane yell ‘no way! no f**king way!’ and I knew something was going on. But what really tripped me out was the lady behind me. She started laughing!”

That lady was Angelica George, 32, who says she would have given anything to have had a video camera. “This was one of the most hysterical things I’ve ever seen. I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan and I’ve read the books, so I know exactly what happened in tonight’s episode. I just couldn’t help but laugh at their reactions, especially when the captain ran into the cabin shouting “f**k you George RR Martin!”

After landing, the plane was unloaded quickly and the affected passengers and captain were rushed to a nearby emergency room where they were treated with oxygen, heat blankets, and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Rocky Road Ice Cream.

There is no word yet on their condition.

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